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Google AdSense is an Easy Money Maker

Google AdSense is an easy way to gaining income from internet. Many people said that AdSense is an easy way to gain income from internet. Is it true?

If you’re a person with assumption that AdSense is a campaign for “get-rich-quick” scheme, with all of my knowledge I’d tell you that you’re totally wrong.

This “get-rich-quick” myth is only a business strategy which used by several people who wants gaining more income for their campaign such as selling eBooks, templates, software, etc. which containing methods to make you gaining passive income from internet.

There are few publisher can survives and gaining income as they’ve been imagined. The percentage for new AdSense publishers to gaining success is less than 50%. I think it’s about 20% – 30%. I’ve joining many unofficial AdSense forums and most of AdSense newbie is fail gaining success for their 1st year. It can be happened because they always think that AdSense is a “get-rich-quick” scheme.

They usually think that using High Paid Keywords (HPK) for their contents is the fastest methods for gaining income, although they don’t know actually about that High Paying Keywords. They will get nothing since the contents for that high paid keyword is gained through illegal methods such as : “copy-paste”, automate software, etc.

And the worst, since they have been flattered with “get-rich-quick” myth, they will do everything to makes their income skyrocketing. They will use some illegal methods which have been restricted by Google AdSense TOS and Policy such as click fraud, begging click, force click, automated click, etc.

They don’t even realize, although their account is secure looks like at the beginning, those methods will be detected by Google AdSense Support Team. As result, their account got banned when Google AdSense Support Team makes review to their account and their website.
Yes, you are right……. Google AdSense is not an easy campaign as you’ve been imagined. Although there are some publisher gaining success in AdSense, but the percentage is very low.

Do you know the solution?

The most important thing is you have to know that AdSense is NOT an easy way to gaining income from internet. I guess you’re knew already that every part of job have some risk and effort.

When you’re understood enough for the point above, then you can follow these steps for your early directive in order to gaining success in AdSense.

1. When create contents inside your site, choose the appropriate topic that suitable with your knowledge. Forget about High Paid Keyword or High Paying Keywords. Make this site as your most important website and make it as a “Parent-Site”.

2. After you have done with that, get some SEO (Search Engine Optimization) methods to make your site full of quality.

3. Next step is promoting your site to your visitors. Promotion can be done with many methods such as submit to search engines, offline and online advertisement, submit directory, submit top list, etc. And for God’s sake, avoid SPAM!

4. While you’re waiting for the result, don’t forget to make your site updated frequently.

5. Pray and say thanks to God.

6. If your campaign is growing bigger, spread your wings and make some business expansion at the right timing. Create more sites and repeat the steps above.