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How to Clearing Check from Google AdSense?

If you’re receive Google AdSense payment for the 1st time through Check payment method, you need to know how to clearing that Check in order to get the money.

I believe it would be no problem for “veterans” in AdSense or other affiliate programs who receive their payment through Check regularly. But, if you are newbie in AdSense and you don’t know much about it, then it would be a problem. In this article, I will tell you how to clear the Check to get your money. There are two methods for clearing your Check as listed below:

Clearing AdSense Check through Bank.

All banks usually have the same period of time for clearing the Check. The longest time for clearing the Check is about two (2) weeks, not included the sending process from your bank to the bank which have been used by Google (New York, CitiBank).

Basically, the procedures when clearing the Check are:

-Check received by sub-bank in your city.
-Check from sub-bank is sent to the Central bank.
-Check will be examined for the validation, if it’s valid then will be sent to CitiBank in New York.
-Check examined again by CitiBank New York, if it’s valid then it will be cleared.
-Check and money will be sent back to the Central Bank.
-Check and money received by sub-bank.
-Your money credited at your bank account.

The important thing you have to know, the requirements for clearing the Check at each bank sometimes is different. That’s why you have to seek some additional information for clearing the Check.

The last thing you have to know when clearing your Check is about the cost of clearing. The cost for each bank is vary, depends on their system. Avoid using banks which based on percentage when clearing the Check. Cost for clearing Check is about $20 on average. This includes cost for sending a Check ($10 - $15) and cost for clearing the Check itself ($5 - $10). Cost for sending Check usually had been taken from our bank account automatically, and will be debited when the Check has been sent.

Clearing AdSense Check through Money Changer.

Recently, clearing the Check through Authorized Money Changer is very popular between AdSense publishers. Their services are interesting enough for publishers who needs instant money. Although not every Money Changer Service accept clearing the Check, they will give less time for clearing the Check. Usually, they can clear your Check about 1 – 3 business days. Each Money Changer has different cost and services. For example, I’ve found 2 Money Changer that can clear your Check instantly and has different cost and services.

Both of those money changers are based on Bali, an island that has many cultures and became the 1st vacation place for tourism in Indonesia.

They became a broker between you and the banks. They will give you the money instantly after receiving your Check. The requirement is simple; make an authority letter to them for clearing your Check in banks.

At, the cost for clearing your Check is 10% of your total earnings on Check and your money will be given instantly.

At, the cost for clearing your Check is $25 at the minimum and your money will be given after 2 – 3 business days.

It’s all depends on you….. Each service has different features.