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Afraid Of Making Money

I believe one of the obstacles that keep people from succeeding is one very basic fear:

The fear of making big money.

Not just fear of making money... but the big moolah.

If you don't think that is a fear that is stopping you then you analyze those rich people closely.

Some of them feared making money because their parents were not high earners. If they made more money than their Father, they reasoned, what kind of son or daughter would they be?

Sounds crazy but this is not what we want but what this is what our sub-conscious mind is reminding us.

Others fear that making big money would 'change' them somehow and they would not be the same person anymore- the same person that people know, love and care for.

True story:

I have a friend whose friends are no longer close to her anymore because she has grown to be more successful than them. She has become a 'bigger' person now.

They start to pick on her like...

"She thinks she's the only person busy with her work."

The truth is... she is BUSY with her work and building a strong financial support but her friends don't have that kind of being busy privilege.

And they'll look for her weaknesses to find chances to pick on her.

Are her friends bad? Not really. They're just reacting towards 'change'. Instead of responding, they're reacting.

They'll feel...

"She's not the same person anymore."

Yes, she chanced to be better and wiser.

So if she changes to be more successful, she'll fear that her friends might not like her they way they used to.

That's just one example.

The fear of making big money is REAL. It's in your mind and the only thing that is moving you is YOUR MIND.

However, you may not believe you are influenced by this fear because it sounds really silly.

But think about it for a minute.

Maybe what you really fear is 'change'... and if you made big money it would change you and your life.

That is why most lottery 'millionaires' end up spending or losing most of their winnings a year or so after they've won... they seek 'normal' lives again where nothing ever changes.

It's not hard to make big money... the hard part is giving yourself permission to make it and keep it.

Yes, I said give yourself PERMISSION to start making big money.

The game of becoming rich is an internal one... just like golf, or becoming an Olympic athlete. The problem is inside us... lack of confidence and self-esteem are the enemies.

Don't let fear of making money stop you. Start believing in yourself, check your self-esteem and make a wise informed and profitable choice for your future.

One of the way to solve this is by using... an anchor.

With an anchor, you have the power to do a simple act and you'll instantly be able to eliminate that fear of making money. Sounds interesting, isn't it?

No, this is not trying to use affirmation. It's scientifically proven to work. The 'technology' for using anchoring is introduced in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).

This is probably the fastest way to change your emotions instantly.

I'll show you how to experience 'success'.

Think of a time when you have a very successful experience. It can be when you get number #1 in any competition.

It can be an experience when you beat Your competitors to be a winner.

It could even be when your wife agreed to marry you!

Now focus on the feeling of success you have experienced last time. Pull out the memory of how it felt like ... to be successful, to be on top of your game.

Engage that feeling. Are you feeling it?

I know it's hard while reading this article but you'll need to practice it if you want to know how it works.

See yourself when you have achieve success, hear the claps and cheers, remember the smell of room where you're winning the prizes and feel it.

Then it's time for you to create an anchor at that exact moment of time.

Many types of actions can be an anchor for you.

You can twist your ear, move your fingers 5 times, clinch your fist 3 times, rub your hands together, make an arm swing or just do anything you can think of that can have a special meaning for you.

This anchor will be engrossed with the state you in. And the state that you're in at that moment of time is when you're experiencing your successes.

The more passionate or lively the experience, the better anchor you will create.

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Pst.Adriano Munyi said...

Yes you can overcome the fear easily by believing inside you there is power,wisdom and love to do impossibllity.