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Affiliate & Adsense Marketing

Article marketing has become the latest rage on the Internet even though well known marketers like Jim Edwards have been promoting the use of articles for years.

There are many great reasons to use articles to promote your web site, but here are just a few reasons they have recently become the so popular with Internet marketers, affiliate marketers and adsense web site builders.

Search Engines Love Fresh, Original, Keyword Rich Content. If you have read any information on search engine optimization, you know that the best content you can have is fresh, original content with keywords that reflect the subject of your site or web pages.

This makes Google’s job a lot easier and helps you stand out among “spam sites” and junk web pages and sites. Google’s main goal is “to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.” The more your site complies with this philosophy, the better your site will do on Google, and other search engines.

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You Need Quality Content to Trigger Relavent Adsense Ads

Another reason to create quality content is to make sure you are triggering the best targeted ads for your visitors and your audience. The more targeted your content, the more targeted your ads will be. The more targeted your ads are, the more click thrus you will get from your adsense ads.

Create Quality Backlinks from Other Related Sites

Another reasons to promote quality articles is to create a way to get quality backlinks to your web sites. Getting backlinks is one of the most difficult ways to improve rankings for your web site, but it can also be the most rewarding.

Backlinks will do several things

First, it will give you targeted traffic coming from other web sites. If a web site uses your article, chances are that their audience is related to the web site you are promoting.

As a result, you can get click thrus from the web sites that promote your articles, provided that you create a good resource box with your web site link included in the article.

Helps Prevent Your Site from being knocked out of Search Engines

The last, and most important reason you will want to create articles for your site is to help keep you from getting kicked off of Google and other search engines.

If you create “spam” types of sites, they may make you a good profit in the beginning, but Google and other search engines seem to find ways to weed out these types of sites. Any profitable site build on these principles will always be at risk of losing rank when Google makes changes to their search engine algorithms.

Google has already started to find ways to label and “kick out” sites that are designed to rank high in search engines but don’t provide a good experience for their web site visitors. As mentioned before, the more you comply with the philosophy, the better off your web sites will be in the long run.

Search engines have long been the most reliable way to get targeted traffic for your web site and has become even more popular since the creation of adsense and other pay per click search engines.

This has opened up new doors to web marketing and has allowed internet marketers, affiliate marketers, webmasters and content providers to make big bucks, many reporting five figure monthly incomes from Adsense and other partners.

If you are involved in this industry and you want to succeed from building search engine friendly web sites, you need to make article marketing a part of your site building agenda. This will help ensure you have more long term success and will help ensure you don’t waste time building your web sites and web pages that will become obsolete.