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Tips to Become a ProBlogger

For some, the ability to write well comes quite naturally, with words that flow with relative ease across the page, while others continuously struggle to express their views in a logical and coherent manner. I've received quite a few commendations from readers in recent months, mentioning their appreciation of my "writing style". Therefore, I felt it was only fair that I share the writing tips I've learned over the years, and hopefully these will be of help to you in your writing endeavors. Do you have a pen and paper handy?

Top 10 Tips To Become A Pro Blogger:

1) Write It Down - Always, always, have pen and paper readily available, no matter where you are. Yes, that can include the bathroom. Any time you have an epiphany, perhaps a topic to write about, or simply a catchy sentence you want to include in a post, write it down. Doing so helps eliminate "writer's block", or forgetting what you were sure you'd remember, but also helps create an outline you can expound on in your post.

2) Read A Lot- It has been said, "Before you can be considered a writer, you must be a reader", and with good reason. The more you read, the substance and depth of your writing skills becomes much more evident. Subscribe to blogs that interest you, even if they're not in your specific niche, making special note of their writing style and use of descriptive words.

3) Increase Your Vocabulary- Do you tend to use the same words in your posts? Boring, eh? Use a Thesaurus to find synonyms of words you typically use, to spruce up (gussy up, doll up, dress up, adorn, fix up, primp, enhance, beautify, enrich, garnish) your posts. Doing so will not only widen your vocabulary for your own benefit, but your readers will appreciate you more.

4) Use Of Images- It should be quite evident that I'm a big believer in the use of descriptive images. Images can greatly enhance your blog posts, especially if the images used help tell the story you are writing about. Whether your topic is a serious one, or one of quick wit and humor, strategic use of images within your post can add life and spunk (backbone, grit, moxie, spirit, guts, nerve, courage :)

5) Write Like You Talk- Write as though you are having a conversation with a friend sitting right next to you. Consider reading out-loud what you've written, before you hit "publish", asking yourself, "Does my post answer the five rules of writing: What, Why, When, Where and How?" There is nothing wrong with meticulous re-drafting, and editing as many times as necessary to get it right.

6) Linky Love- Link to your own archived posts, and to other blogs and websites, and do it often. This builds authority and credibility, positioning you as an expert in your niche. Linking to other blogs and websites helps build a network of like-minded associates who will in turn link to your blog.

7) Spelling and Grammar- I'm sure I have failed miserably in this area in some archived posts, but it's an important reminder to check the spelling, and use of grammar, before publishing a post. I can't tell you how many blogs I've been to where I initially thought, "This person knows what they're talking about", only to be deterred by ridiculous spelling errors.

8) Size Matters- While there has been debate regarding the merits of short or long posts, I'm of the belief that it is somewhere in the middle. Medium length posts, with links to further discussion on the subject, seems to work best. Make simple and direct points on the topic, expounding on the subject with other posts, or links to other blogs that elaborate on the topic.

9) Use Keywords Often- Not only will this help keep you focused on the topic at hand, but using keywords will make search engines love your blog, thereby increasing traffic to your blog. Consistency is key here. The more your keywords are used in your posts, the better your search engine (SEO) results, Technorati rankings, etc.

10) Read A Lot- It is no mistake that I end this list by repeating the importance of reading other blogs, as it cannot be emphasized enough. Who to read? It would certainly be to your advantage to read blogs solely aligned with your particular niche. However, simply stumbling upon other blogs may bring you some enlightenment in word usage, grammar, or simply entertain you. Who do I subscribe to?