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Why is Importance in Choosing a Domain Name For Google Adsense Site

So what is the great importance in choosing a domain name for your Google adsense site? I can tell you it is much more than you think.

Google does not seem to give to much relevance to the domain name, but on the other hand Yahoo and MSN do. According to statistics you will get more Google adsense clicks from Yahoo and MSN than you will get from surfers using Google.

If you want a successful Google adsense site you must take your domain name seriously. If you don’t like the naming conventions I suggest you have a chat with the dog, it will not help at all but you might feel a little better afterwards.

You need first of all to decide what your site is going to be about. Try and choose a subject that you are interested in or have some knowledge of. It is not a rule set in stone but as you will be working on the site often it is better to have a subject you have an interest in.

You will also need to write content for your site and knowledge of the subject means you will not have to research everything first before writing.

Choosing your name correctly.

1. Do some keyword research
2. Find the domain name that is available.

List Of Topics

Researching Keywords

Finding The High Paying Keywords

Setting Up Your Index Page

Setting Up Your Site

Writing Your Own Content

Using Articles For Content

On Page Optemization

Off Page Optimization

On Page Links

Happy Blogging and Make More Money With Google Adsense.


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